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Spotlight Wavy Pink Flip Flop

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Sunshine, salty air, and good vibes – sounds like the perfect beach day! But what if your flip flops could bottle that feeling? Look no further than the Spotlight Flip Flops by Rocket Dog. These groovy gals boast a 70's inspired print that'll have you channelling your inner flower child all summer long.

  • Far Out Comfort: Hit the beach with a smile – the Spotlight Flip Flops feature a super comfy cream EVA footbed that moulds to your feet. Walk on sunshine (quite literally) without a care in the world.
  • Stare-Worthy Style: These flip flops are all about making a statement. The eye-catching 70's print injects instant personality into your beachside look. Get ready for compliments to come rolling in like the tide!
  • Effortless Breeziness: Ditch the stuffy shoes! These lightweight flip flops are perfect for slipping on and off with ease. No more wrestling with buckles or laces – just pure beachside bliss.
  • Platform Power: Take your beach style to new heights (literally) with the 2.54cm platform sole. These flip flops add a touch of leg-lengthening magic without sacrificing comfort.
  • Durable Fun: Made with high-quality materials, these flip flops can handle anything your beach adventures throw at them. From sandy shores to poolside splashes, the Spotlight Flip Flops are built to last.

So ditch the boring flip flops and embrace your inner flower child with the Spotlight Flip Flops by Rocket Dog!


Upper Material: Textile

Lining Material: Synthetic

Sole Material: Synthetic

Other Details

Colour: Pink

Removable Insole: No

Group SKU: 200613


Q: Are these flip flops comfortable? A: Absolutely! The Spotlight Flip Flops feature a soft, cream EVA footbed that moulds to your feet for ultimate comfort. Q: Will the print fade in the sun? A: Not to worry! These flip flops are made with high-quality materials that are designed to resist fading, so you can rock your groovy style all summer long. Q: Do these flip flops offer any arch support? A: While the Spotlight Flip Flops don't have built-in arch support, the comfy EVA footbed provides a natural contour that most people find supportive. If you have concerns about arch support, we recommend checking out our range of sandals that offer additional support features.

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