UK to EU Shoe Size Calculator

Converted EU Shoe Size:

Note: This calculator is a general guide. For the most accurate fit, consult the specific sizing chart of the brand you're interested in.

Navigating the world of shoe sizes can be a tad confusing, especially when hopping between UK and European sizes. That's where our UK to EU Shoe Size Converter comes in. Designed to make your shopping experience seamless, this tool ensures you always find the perfect fit.

Why Convert Shoe Sizes?

Shoe sizes aren't universal. A UK size 5 isn't the same as an EU size 5. Different regions have evolved their own sizing standards over time. So, when you're exploring European brands or shopping abroad, knowing your EU size is crucial to avoid the discomfort of ill-fitting shoes.

How Our Converter Works

Our user-friendly converter is here to simplify the size conversion process:

  1. Select the Size Range: Whether it's for adults or children.
  2. Select the Gender: Male or female
  3. Select Your UK Size: Infants UK size 1 to adults UK size 15
  4. Get Your EU Size: Instantly receive the corresponding European size.
  5. Shop with Confidence: Use this size as a guide when purchasing European brands.

Quick Reference: UK to European Shoe Size Conversion Table

For those who prefer a snapshot, here's a quick reference:

UK Size EU Size (Infant) EU Size (Kids) EU Size (Adult Men) EU Size (Adult Women)
1 17 33 - -
2 18 34 - -
3 19 36 - 36
4 20 37 - 37
5 22 38 - 38
6 23 - 40 39
7 24 - 41 40
8 26 - 42 41
9 27 - 43 42
10 28 - 44 -
11 29 - 45 -
12 30 - 46 -
13 32 - 47 -
14 - - 48 -
15 - - 49 -

Note: This table is a general guide. For the most accurate fit, consult the specific sizing chart of the brand you're interested in.

Ensuring the Perfect Fit

  • Measure in the Evening: Feet can swell during the day. Evening measurements tend to be more accurate.
  • Consider the Width: European brands might have a different width standard. Ensure both the length and width fit comfortably.
  • Different Shoes, Different Sizes: A sports shoe might fit differently than formal footwear. Always consider the shoe type.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why the difference between UK and EU sizes? Different regions developed their own sizing standards based on various factors, including culture and foot anatomy.
  • How often should I measure my feet? It's wise to measure annually, as feet can change over time.
  • Can I convert other sizes using this tool? Our primary focus is on UK to EU conversion, but we have other tools to perform other size conversions such as our EU to UK Size Convertor.

In Conclusion

With our UK to EU Shoe Size Converter, you're equipped to shop European brands with ease. Say goodbye to size-related returns and exchanges, and hello to perfectly fitting shoes every time.