Our top ten shoe crushes that every girl needs in her wardrobe

The most enduring relationship a girl can have is with not her partner or even her best friends (though these are important too!)… but with her shoe collection!

Your shoes are the friends that will accompany for your feet through every single day of your life.

Which is why it’s worth investing some serious time and attention when choosing your forever footwear.

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The Perfect Pair: Socks and School Shoes

The start of a new school year is filled with excitement. New subjects, new teachers, and the undeniable joy of flaunting new shoes.

But there's a silent partner to those shoes that often gets overlooked: socks.These humble foot coverings can be the difference between a day of comfort and a day of foot woes.

Let's dive into the world of socks and discover the magic of the perfect pair.

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Looking good whenever, whatever, whoever? It’s a shoe-in!

First things first, look, we know it's supposed to be shoo not shoe – but you’ll have to grant us a little artistic licence here.

After all, it’s no easy feet to come up with toe-tally heel-arious footwear puns.

Anyway, back to shoes – where would we be without them?

Whether you own 3 pairs or 300, there’s no denying that what we put on our feet is a crucial part of our wardrobe.

But … where did it all begin?

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