Cotswold Marshfield Recycled Sandals: Eco-Friendly Adventures Await!
 Cotswold Marshfield Recycled Sandals: Eco-Friendly Adventures Await!
 Cotswold Marshfield Recycled Sandals: Eco-Friendly Adventures Await!
 Cotswold Marshfield Recycled Sandals: Eco-Friendly Adventures Await!

Marshfield Recycled Childrens Sandals

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Adventure awaits, little explorers! Pack the sun cream, grab your sunnies, and slip on the Cotswold Marshfield sandals – your kiddos' comfy companions for summer escapades. These sandals aren't just cool for tiny toes, they're cool for the planet too, made with recycled materials for a guilt-free hop, skip, and jump.

5 reasons why Marshfield sandals rock:

    • Eco-conscious explorers: Say "cheese" to recycled uppers that are kind to the planet and comfy on little feet. Big thumbs up for mini eco-warriors!

    • Grip like a gecko: Scrambling over rocks, conquering curbs, and zooming down grassy slopes? No problem! The sporty 360 traction sole helps keep your mini adventurer steady on their feet, come rain or shine.

    • Slip-on, slip-off superstars: No more morning meltdowns! The pull-toggle fastening lets little ones take charge, popping these sandals on and off like a pro. Independence never felt so good (for them and you!).

    • Lightweight comfort: Marshfield sandals are like fluffy clouds for tiny feet. The super-light PU and neoprene upper lets little adventurers bounce, skip, and twirl without feeling weighed down. Happy feet, happy day!

    • Summer style sorted: Available in multiple cool colours, Marshfield sandals are the perfect finishing touch to any summer outfit. From beachy brights to classic navy, there's a pair to match every mini fashionista's mood.

So, ditch the bulky boots and let those little toes breathe! Marshfield Recycled Sandals are the eco-friendly, comfy, and cool way to kick off summer adventures. Get ready for muddy knees, infectious giggles, and memories made to last – all with a healthy dose of green goodness.


Upper Material: Recycled PU

Lining Material: Tricot

Sole Material: EVA/TPR

Other Details

Colour: Navy/Red

Fastening: Touch Fastening

Suitable For Vegans: No

Waterproof: No

Removable Insole: No

Machine Washable: No

Group SKU: 200398


Width: Standard

Heel Height: 0.79 Inches

Q: Are these sandals waterproof?

A: While Marshfield sandals are great for everyday summer fun, they're not designed for deep puddles or swimming. Let's keep those dry toes happy!

Q: How do they fit?

A: Marshfield sandals run true to size, but if your little one is between sizes, we recommend sizing up for extra wiggle room.

Q: How do I clean them?

A: Simple! Wipe them down with a damp cloth and mild soap. Let them air dry naturally, and they'll be ready for the next adventure.

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