Walking on Sunshine – How to Choose the Perfect Summer Shoes in 2023

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Ah, spring and summer - the seasons of new beginnings, warmth … maybe even some adventure!

Just when it feels like winter will never end, the world wakes up. Nature comes alive with colour, warmth and a fresh energy. And it can fill us with excitement and optimism.

The long days of sunshine, the sweet scent of blooming flowers, the sound of birds singing in the trees …

It can all make future feel brighter, the possibilities endless.

Soon we’ll be drinking our morning coffee in the garden, enjoying picnics in the park, barbecues with friends and family, and lazy afternoons spent lounging in the sunshine.

And how about the chance to explore new places? Whether that's hiking in the mountains, chilling on the beach, or wandering through a new city, adventure awaits!

Speaking of new things, let's not forget the thrill of trying our hand at something new. Maybe you'll take up a new hobby, learn a new skill, or simply enjoy the freedom of spontaneity.

So…make the most of it!

It’s only natural that we all want to embrace that energy and excitement that spring and summer brings. It serves up an array of sights, sounds and experiences … and who are we to say no?

True, many of us are on tight budgets at the moment. It’s not much fun when the bills eat up even more of our hard earned money than before.

But … even if you're on a tight budget, the beauty of the warmer weather is that there are still so many wonderful things to look forward to in spring and summer.

Good times don’t always cost lots. Who doesn’t love a picnic in the park?

Or taking a stroll in the woods?

Or how about the languid joy of simply relaxing in the sunshine?

None of these cost a bomb … And when it comes to preparing your wardrobe for the season, you don't have to break the bank.

A few key pieces, like a comfortable and versatile pair of summer shoes, can change so much about how you feel and present yourself.

So, no matter what your budget is, you can still enjoy all the wonderful experiences that spring and summer have to offer. You can update your look and feel good, all without putting a strain on your wallet.

What does a new pair of flip flops have to do with the Middle Ages?

No, Romeo and Juliet didn’t tread the boards in beachwear back then.
The link is a popular saying we bet you’ve used once or twice.
The phrase best foot forward dates back to the 16th century and comes from the military. Who knew?!

You see, soldiers would step off with their left foot, because it was traditionally seen as the weaker foot. That meant they’d be putting their stronger right foot – their best foot – forward.

Today, the phrase encourages us to put our greatest effort and attitude forward in all situations. And that particularly applies when we want to make a good impression or start something new.

Choosing the right summer footwear is all about putting your best foot forward – both literally and figuratively.

Here are some reasons why choosing the right summer shoes is important, along with some top tips for picking the perfect pair.

1. Confidence

It's no secret that when you look good, you feel good. And the same goes for your footwear.

The right pair of shoes can boost your confidence and help you feel more put together, whether you're heading to work or out with friends. Plus, when you feel confident in your appearance, you're more likely to project that confidence to others. It can make you a more effective communicator and
more approachable.

What we wear affects our confidence. Confidence pushes us to seize the day!

2. Protection

To say that spring and summer weather can be unpredictable is an understatement.

The random rain and sun switcheroo’s annoying for sure – but it’s potentially dangerous too. In particular, rain showers and hot pavements can pose a risk to our feet.

That’s why it’s important to choose a quality pair of shoes can protect your feet from the elements and prevent slips and falls.

And remember, poorly fitting shoes can cause blisters and other foot problems, which can be not only painful but also expensive to treat. How many times have we snapped up a super-cheap, badly made pair of shoes, only to admit defeat in the face of blisters and aches?

Choosing shoes that fit well and are made of quality materials can help prevent foot problems – and save you money in the long run.

3. Comfort

From the park to the beach to the trails, summer is the perfect time for outdoor activities.

To fully enjoy the pursuits that summertime has to offer, it's important to wear comfortable shoes that can keep up with your chosen activities.

Shoes with supportive soles and made with breathable materials can help prevent foot fatigue, as well as keeping your feet cool and dry.

Plus, comfortable shoes can help you stay on your feet longer, allowing you to make the most of those long, warm days.

4. Versatility

When it comes to a great pair of summer shoes, versatility is key.

There’s no beating a pair of shoes that can take you from the office to the beach, or from a casual lunch date to a night out with friends.

Keep an eye out for shoes that can be dressed up or down. Will they pair well with a variety of outfits?

Remember, neutral colours and classic styles can be worn season after season.

5. Affordable quality

We all want to save money, especially during tough financial times.

But … that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality. In fact, it makes sense to opt for quality.

Overall, it’ll save you cash if you’re not having to replace everything every year.
Shopping for affordable, quality options can help you build a versatile summer shoe collection without breaking the bank.

It can be tempting to swoop on bargain-basement versions of this year’s top trends, but your wallet won’t thank you.

Instead, look for shoes made with quality materials, such as leather or canvas, and consider investing in a few key styles that you can wear with a variety of outfits for years to come.

Top tips for buying summer shoes

So it’s clear that there’s much to consider in picking the perfect summer footwear. But there are plenty of reasons to choose wisely.

Here are our top tips for choosing the perfect pair:

Consider the occasion

Before you start shopping, consider the occasions for which you'll be wearing your summer shoes.

Will you be wearing them to work, on vacation, or for casual outings? This helps you narrow down your options and choose shoes that are appropriate for the occasion.

Think about comfort

Comfort should be a top priority when choosing summer shoes. Look for shoes with supportive soles and breathable materials, and make sure they fit well. Consider investing in insoles or other accessories that can help improve comfort.

Choose quality materials

Summer shoes can take a beating. That means it's important to choose shoes made with quality materials that can stand up to wear and tear.

Leather, canvas and other durable materials are great options that can last for years and years.

Keep your options open

Versatility is vital when it comes to spring and summer shoes. Don’t settle for the footwear equivalent of a one-trick pony!

Look for something that can be dressed up or down and that can pair well with a range of outfits.

Check the size chart

Online shopping is such a good option. It offers a huge range, the best prices and informed decisions.

Our pro tip when buying shoes online is to check the size chart to ensure you get the right fit.

Different brands may have different sizing, so it's always best to measure your feet and compare them to the size chart provided by the brand.

Consider the price

While it's important to invest in quality shoes, don’t pay above the odds.

Update your look in a wallet-friendly way by seeking out shoes that are affordable and offer good value for money.

And, of course, it’s well worth looking for shoes on sale, or snapping up a discount code or promotion.

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Time to shake a leg!

Remember, investing in the right summer shoes can make all the difference in how you feel and present yourself.

From boosting your confidence to protecting your feet, there are plenty of benefits of choosing the right shoes.

With this advice in mind, you can find the perfect pair of summer shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and versatile.

So why wait? It’s time to step into spring and summer … and to make the most of every moment!

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