Our top ten shoe crushes that every girl needs in her wardrobe

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The most enduring relationship a girl can have is with not her partner or even her best friends (though these are important too!)… but with her shoe collection!

Your shoes are the friends that will accompany for your feet through every single day of your life.

Which is why it’s worth investing some serious time and attention when choosing your forever footwear.

Making sure you’ve always got the perfect foot companion to step out with no matter the occasion is important not only for your foot health and style, but also for your sense of self.

Whether at weddings, the office or home with the kids, or on nights out with the girls, boozy brunches or lazy Sunday strolls – the right pair of shoes will always be your ultimate companion, making sure you look fab and feel comfortable and confident.

And while your soulmate might traditionally be just one person, when it comes to shoe- soulmates, you can never have too many!

But with so many wonderful shoes out there to choose from, and no Tinder for your toes (yet!), it can be hard to know where to begin.

So, whether you’re just starting out on your shoe love affair or looking to update an already well-loved collection, starting with our top ten shoe crushes is a sure-fired way to long-term shoe-romances!

1. From casual to couture – how Fashion Trainers stole our heart

No-one really remembers when trainers stopped being just the shoes you work out in, but we’re so glad they made the transition from sports to fashion shoe!

Perfect for adding a chilled-out edge to a dressier outfit, or simply for strolling to Sunday morning brunch in with your cutest jeans and jumper combo, fashion trainers are a great fit for most casual occasions.

Classic white trainers complete stylish and classy casual looks, while colourful sneakers add a burst of personality to simpler outfits.

Use them to accessorise your outfit as you wish, the only thing fashion trainers are not to be used for is running!

2. Naked attraction – our love affair with Nude Court Shoes

Nude court shoes are the dark horse of your shoe collection.

Perfect for work and play, these wallflower shoes dazzle by NOT drawing attention to themselves!

Available in shades to match most skin-tones, nude heels have the flattering effect of elongating your legs by drawing less attention to your feet while boosting your height.

And nude pumps go with almost every outfit, from colourful to classy.

As other more dazzling coloured shoes have come and gone with the fashions, nudes have been subtle and adaptable enough to stand the test of time and have stuck around.

With nude court shoes not going out of fashion any time soon, these are guaranteed to be a long-term love affair that you need in your wardrobe.

3. All hail the heel - why Stilettos are our forever style icons

Named after the stiletto dagger, these killer statement heels will ensure you slay every time you step out in them.
Not many shoes have the power, class or timeless sex appeal that stilettos inspire. Elegant and powerful, a stiletto silhouette will bring effortless chic to any outfit.

Available in boot or shoe form, stilettos defining feature is a thin, narrow and (sometimes perilously) tall heel with a rubber or metal tip that’s less than 1cm wide!

Perfect for a dinner date or just for adding some power to your office outfit.

4. Our ultimate summer of love – sun, sand, sea and Sandals

Whether chic or cheeky, from Grecian straps to Aussie thongs, flat summer sandals have something for everyone.

As well as being perfect for holidays abroad, every girl also needs a pair handy to grab and run outside in when that (elusive) British summer sun starts shining!

We love simple slip-ons with wide straps for a dressed down daytime look and gladiator style metallic sandals for long summer nights sipping cocktails!

5. From Chelsea’s to lace-ups – Ankle Boots are our trusty BFFs

Whether adding edge to more feminine outfits or a bit of class to a skinny jeans and jacket combo – ankle boots are our uber adaptable BFFs!

Available as heels, flats, wedges, lace-ups or elasticated Chelsea boots, with myriad materials ranging from classic leather to subtle suede, you can tailor your ankle boots to your taste!

These warm boots always a great choice for cooler seasons, guaranteed to keep toes dry and toasty.

6. Right on point – why we’re best pals with Ballet Pumps

These Parisian-inspired summer flats are the chic and stylish staple every mademoiselle’s wardrobe should have.

Perfect for the summer months and available in many colours and styles (we love the classic French two-tone look!) ballet pumps are the perfect sweet and simple accompaniment to most outfits.

Ballerina shoes are a great comfy alternative to heels in the office and work best when paired with dresses, skirts or trousers that leave your ankles on show.

We’d forgo wearing socks and tights with these sweet and simple shoes to avoid wrinkles and bunching, and instead free your feet to go au natural!

7. Foot-friendly and fabulous - living our best life in Loafers

Loafers are our ultimate go-to shoe for comfort and class!

From penny loafers to horsebits, there are more loafer style options than we can list here, with something for everyone guaranteed.

These multifunctional slip-on shoes are naturally smart but can be used eclectically, paired with casual outfits to dress them up and equally perfect for smart meetings at work or an evening at the theatre!

Known for being extremely comfortable, these classic shoes have endured where lesser designs have faded into the great shoe-bin in the sky!

Loafers are here to stay, so we recommend grabbing a pair today!

8. Well-heeled and strappy – Evening Sandals leave us feeling special

From toe-peepers to intricately laced designs, strappy evening sandals add bucket-loads of glamour to formal and occasion outfits.

And for the truly special moments in life, diamonté (real or imitation) encrusted or satin wedding sandals are a fabulous way to celebrate a big day – yours or your loved ones.

Strappy high-heeled sandals are no everyday shoes, but the kind of companions that add some sparkle to life and are there to remind us of good times past and those ahead too!

9. The low maintenance shoe that’s always there for you - stepping out with Slip-Ons

For girls on the go and women that work, whether you’re running from baby yoga to the office or from drinks to dinner, slip-on shoes are your easy, go-with-the-flow best friend!

Sliding into a pair of slip-ons removes the hassle or laces and straps, leaving you with time to focus fully on what’s really important.

And convenience doesn’t cancel out style, with a huge range of slip-on shoes to choose from, you really can have it all!

10. Feeling knock out in Knee Highs – let tall Boots boost your confidence

Less intimidating than over-the-knee boots, but more statement-y than ankle boots, knee- highs offer just the right amount of ‘Wow’ factor to leave most women feeling fabulous but not fraudulent!

Knee-high boots occupy that special place in our heart reserved for footwear that is at once comfortable, fashionable, sexy, and practical!

These long-serving giants of the shoe world will leave you feeling confident, whether worn over jeans or paired with a pretty spring or autumnal skirt.

We recommend that you go ahead and fill your boots with a pair of knee-highs!

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