Can sandals be machine washed and other women’s sandals FAQs

Can sandals be machine washed and other women’s sandals FAQs

As summer approaches, it’s time to give your toes a bit of an airing. Which is why a pair of sandals is perfect for those summer days …and also so you can easily nip out to the garden to get the washing in, when the rain comes and ruins what should be a glorious day.

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions by people buying women’s sandals.

I'm wide-footed, would you be able to measure the width of a sandal for me?

Yes, get in touch about a specific product and we’ll let you know the size. 
To measure the width of your foot, place your foot on a flat surface and measure the width at the part of your foot. This will help us to find out if the sandal will fit.

Can all sandals be machine washed?

It depends on the material. 

Leather and other animal products should not be machine washed, but can be wiped clean and polished. 

You may be able to wash other shoes and sandals made from materials such as cotton, nylon, polyester and canvas. But always follow the labelling on the shoes and the manufacturers instructions. As excessive heat may melt the glue or the shoe may become disfigured. 

It’s better to keep shoes dry, store them in a cool dry place and occasionally hand clean them with a damp cloth.

Are all sandals ok in water?

It depends on the material. It is not advisable to get leather or other animal materials wet.

Sandals like plastic sliders should be fine in water and dry quickly on their own but always check the labelling or contact the manufacturer or retailer to make sure they are suitable.

What is the best way to care for my sandals?

Store them in a cool dry place, stack neatly so they aren’t bent out of shape.

Clean them by hand with a damp cloth and let them dry again. 

Do not dry them too quickly on a radiator or a tumble dryer.

Make sure straps are adjusted properly so the shoe fits properly and doesn’t stretch or slide around. 

What does the "faux" in faux leather mean?

Faux means fake in French. In this context, it means the leather is not made from animal skin. It is an imitation. 

You may want to consider faux leather over real leather if you are uncomfortable about using animal products.

How long will my sandals last?

That depends. How much do you wear them and what for?

Popping in and out of your garden does not wear your sandals as much as hiking. 

Sandals can last as long as five years. 

However, if you wear your sandals once they are worn out it could lead to injuries such as knee, ankle or Achilles problems.

Check the soles of your sandals. Are they compressed? Is the tread gone? If so, it might be time for a new pair.

Are sandals bad for you?

Sandals do not offer much support, if any, to your ankles. Therefore, if you are intending on hiking, walking far, over uneven ground or standing for long periods, you may want to consider another more supportive shoe or boot. 

However, they do expose your feet to the air. This can help prevent or treat infections like athletes foot or pitted keratolysis, which can occur if your feet are sweaty or wet for long periods. 

If you want the best of both worlds, you can consider a hiking sandal, which is more supportive than a traditional sandal but allows air flow. 


Getting the right pair of sandals is important for the comfort and health of your joints.

So, spend time picking the right pair, and don’t forget, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have on sandals or other footwear.

Get in touch today!

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