5 Reasons Every Man Should Invest In Good Quality New Shoes

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We all have that favourite pair of much-loved old shoes that we’ve lived in forever. The one’s that feel like they fit your feet perfectly after years of moulding them to the contours of your calcaneus (the fancy name for your heel bone!)

So far so good… but here comes the bad news.

Wearing your oldest footwear, however much history there is between you and your much-loved loafers (and however little you care how much your partner hates them!), can be a bad idea for your long-term foot health.

In fact, it can lead to problems such as foot pain, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and even stress fractures and shin splints.

That’s a big risk to take for another day in your turn-of-the-century trainers!

Purchasing a new pair of good quality shoes is a great way to invest in the health of your future feet. And there are other benefits too -- Read on for our top five reasons every man should own a pair of good-quality new shoes.

1. Support

Whether you are flatfooted or have high arches, the bottom of your feet need solid support from your shoes to see you through your day.

As the cushioning on old footwear becomes compressed over time, it will offer less and less support, increasing your risk of arch-related problems the longer the shoes are worn.

Good quality new shoes have a high level of support built-in in the form of cushioned and well moulded inner soles and heel protection.

Well-made shoes will help to align your back and legs properly, and also encourage your feet to not hyper-pronate - where your foot rolls inwards when you stand, walk or run.

This cushioning is also key in reducing the stress on your feet that come from simply walking around day after day, with the cushioning absorbing shocks that are a natural part of moving but which can cause damage over time.

2. Savings

You know the old saying you’ve got to spend money to make money? Well, it applies to investing in great quality shoes as well!

By choosing a more expensive but better quality pair of shoes, rather than cheaper but poorer quality pair, you are making a long-term investment.

Good shoes need changing every 8-12 months to keep your toes in top form, whereas cheaper and poorer quality options will need replacing every six months at the most (and lots should often be kicked to the curb much earlier than that!)

Investing in good quality shoes and taking care of them well is a better investment than spending less upfront but then needing to change your footwear more frequently.

3. Style

Let’s get honest about things.

You may love the way your five-year old trainers feel out of habit, but can you truly say you’re into how they look?

It’s amazing what a difference a well-fitting, good quality pair of shoes can make to your appearance – and the way you feel about yourself to boot.

Whether it’s smartening up suits with a new formal shoe or giving your weekend sneakers an upgrade, a pair of new shoes can make you look and feel more professional, confident ad stylish, whatever setting you wear them in.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking you can simply hide old shoes under new clothing!

There’s nothing like a box fresh shirt or nice new pair of joggers to highlight exactly how forlorn your footwear has become...

4. Snugness

It is important to make sure that your shoes are snug and secure – by which we mean comfortable!

Shoes will lose their shape and the integrity of their structure over time, offering a less snug fit and reduced support and protection in the process.

It can be tempting to equate the familiarity of older footwear with shoes actually being comfortable.

But when you do step into a new pair of high-quality, well-fitting shoes, you will be able to feel just how well they hold your feet – the sides as well as the arches – compared to your older shoes.

And trust us, once you get a taste of how comfortable new shoes can be, your prized old pair will be off your feet and out on the street in next to no time!

5. Sureness

A new pair of shoes helps to give an impression of sureness and certainty.

Not only will they make you appear more professional at work, but they show a potential date that you take care of yourself (and therefore could take care of them too!)

It’s not an exaggeration to say that first impressions count. It takes us less than 30 seconds to form an opinion of someone on first meeting them, and 35 percent of people think that those first impressions have an important impact when it comes to forming longer relationships too.

So, whether you’re looking to impress a potential client or your new boss, or meet the partner of your dreams, stepping out in good quality shoes rather than footwear that’s falling apart will give you a step up in your goals.

Invest in yourself by choosing good quality new shoes

Letting go of old shoes can be a difficult thing to do. But the rewards that comes with investing in good quality, well-fitting footwear vastly outweigh the negatives of sticking with the old and familiar.

From foot-health benefits to greater savings and increased confidence, choosing a great pair of new shoes is ultimately an investment in yourself that is well worth making.

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