Kids' Beach Sandals: Conquer Shores with Cotswold Bodiam!
Kids' Beach Sandals: Conquer Shores with Cotswold Bodiam!
Kids' Beach Sandals: Conquer Shores with Cotswold Bodiam!
Kids' Beach Sandals: Conquer Shores with Cotswold Bodiam!
Kids' Beach Sandals: Conquer Shores with Cotswold Bodiam!

Bodiam Childrens Beach Sandal Pink White

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Ready to unleash your little explorer's inner beach beast? Gear them up with the Cotswold Bodiam sandals – the ultimate weapon for conquering sandy shores and seaside scrambles. Made with recycled materials that are kind to the planet and comfy on tiny toes, these sandals are more than just footwear – they're a passport to endless summer adventures.

Here's why Bodiam's gonna have your kiddos skipping with glee:

    • Eco-friendly Explorers: These sandals boast recycled uppers, so your mini eco-warriors can play knowing they're saving the planet one step at a time. Every splash, every sandcastle, every epic crab chase – all guilt-free fun under the sun!
    • Triple Threat Fastenings: No more sandal-flinging meltdowns! Bodiam's got triple-touch fastening straps that stay put no matter how high those sandcastle towers get. Think secure fit, happy kiddos, and a stress-free summer for you.
    • Width-Adjusting Wonders: Growing feet? No problem! Bodiam's got an adjustable width feature that keeps these sandals comfy all season long. From tiny tots to beach-loving adventurers, Bodiam's got their backs (or should we say feet?).
    • Lightweight Champions: Bodiam's made with a super-light PU and neoprene upper, so your little explorers can bound across the sand like, well, beach bunnies! Every step feels feather-light, leaving more energy for epic adventures.
    • Grippy Guardians: Slippery rocks? Treacherous seaweed? Not with Bodiam! These sandals come equipped with a rugged 360 traction sole, giving your little daredevils a superior grip on any terrain. Think confident climbs, fearless puddle jumping, and secure footing – just pure beachside fun!

So, ditch the boring beach shoes and let your little adventurers loose with the Cotswold Bodiam sandals. With their eco-friendly flair, comfy fit, and grippy soles, they're the perfect sidekick for epic summer memories.


Upper Material: Recycled PU

Lining Material: Tricot

Sole Material: EVA/TPR

Other Details

Colour: Pink/White

Fastening: Touch Fastening

Suitable For Vegans: No

Waterproof: No

Removable Insole: No

Machine Washable: No

Group SKU: 200300


Width: Standard

Heel Height: 1.18 Inches

Q: How adjustable are the sandals?

A: The Bodiam sandals have three adjustable straps that allows you to customize the fit for different foot shapes.

Q: Are the sandals good for swimming?

A: No, while the sandals are water-resistant, they are not specifically designed for swimming.

Are they good for active kids?

A: Absolutely! Bodiam's rugged soles and comfy fit make them ideal for running, jumping, and exploring.

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