Hike Happy: Lightweight & Comfy Cotswold Calmsden Ladies Hiking Boots
Hike Happy: Lightweight & Comfy Cotswold Calmsden Ladies Hiking Boots
Hike Happy: Lightweight & Comfy Cotswold Calmsden Ladies Hiking Boots
Hike Happy: Lightweight & Comfy Cotswold Calmsden Ladies Hiking Boots
Hike Happy: Lightweight & Comfy Cotswold Calmsden Ladies Hiking Boots

Calmsden Ladies Hiking Boots

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Conquer the Countryside in Comfort: Cotswold Calmsden Ladies Hiking Boots

Calling all intrepid explorers and outdoor enthusiasts! Are you ready to lace up for adventure with the Cotswold Calmsden Ladies Hiking Boots? These beauties aren't just about conquering the countryside in style, they're about embracing every step with blissful comfort. Imagine...

    • Breezing through breezy trails: No more stifling, sweaty feet! The lightweight, breathable upper lets your feet breathe easy, keeping you cool and comfy mile after mile.
    • Puddles? Pah!: Don't let a little rain dampen your spirits. The waterproof inner membrane and water-resistant upper shields your feet from the elements, so you can splash through puddles with a smile.
    • Snuggle up in softness: Treat your feet to a luxurious spa day, even on the move. The soft-touch lining feels like cashmere clouds, pampering your every step.
    • Memory foam magic: Say goodbye to sore soles! The removable memory foam insole moulds to your unique footprint, providing all-day cushioning and support. No more begging for mercy halfway through your hike!
    • Blissful ankle bliss: Forget chafing and discomfort. The padded tongue and deep cushioned collar hug your ankles like a warm embrace, ensuring irritation-free adventures.
    • Effortless on and off: No more wrestling boots onto your feet. The rear pull loop and speed lacing hooks make slipping on and off these boots a breeze.
    • Grip like a boss: Conquer any terrain with confidence. The traction rubber outsole provides superior grip, so you can scramble up hills and navigate rocky paths with ease.
    • Pretty in pink (and grey!): Let your adventurous spirit shine with the stylish pink and grey design. Because looking good on the trail shouldn't be an afterthought.

Not just another pair of boots, the Cotswold Calmsden Ladies Hiking Boots are a chance to explore with freedom and comfort. So, what are you waiting for? Lace-up for adventure and discover the joy of every step!


Upper Material: PU/Rubber/TPU

Lining Material: Waterproof Membrane/Mesh

Sole Material: Rubber

Other Details

Colour: Grey/Berry

Fastening: Lace Up

Suitable For Vegans: No

Waterproof: No

Removable Insole: Yes

Machine Washable: No

Group SKU: 200313


Width: Standard

Heel Height: 1.38 Inches

Q: Are these boots good for wide feet?

A: While these boots don't come in specific wide fit options, the soft and flexible upper material can accommodate wider feet comfortably. If you're unsure, consider ordering a size up for extra wiggle room.

Q: How well do they hold up in cold weather?

A: While the boots are water-resistant, they are not insulated for warmth. For cold weather hiking, consider layering up with warm socks.

Q: Are they good for long hikes?

A: Absolutely! The supportive design, memory foam insole, and cushioned collar make them perfect for long treks. However, it's always wise to break in new boots before embarking on extended adventures.

Q: Do they come in other colours?

A: Currently, the Cotswold Calmsden Ladies Hiking Boots are available in the stylish pink and grey combination. Keep an eye out for future colour releases!

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