Bathford Textile/Weather Wellingtons
Bathford Textile/Weather Wellingtons
Bathford Textile/Weather Wellingtons
Bathford Textile/Weather Wellingtons

Bathford Textile/Weather Wellingtons

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Forget soggy socks and grumpy goblins! The Bathford Wellingtons are adventure boots disguised as puddlestompers, ready to conquer any mucky mission your little explorers throw their way.

Think cosy fleece cuddles meets superhero grip, all wrapped up in a stylish silhouette that'll have them skipping (and splashing!) through every season.

5 Reasons Why Your Mini Mud Monsters Will Love the Bathford Wellingtons:

  • Warmth Warriors: Forget numb toes! These boots are lined with snuggly microfleece, keeping tiny adventurers toasty from tip to toe, even when the mercury drops. Snow days? Bring 'em on!
  • Puddle Conquerors: Deep puddles, meet your match. The Bathford Wellingtons boast a robust, chunky rubber sole that grips like a gecko, so even the messiest splashes are just another badge of honour.
  • Rain Repellers: Don't let a little drizzle dampen the fun. These boots are windproof and weatherproof, so come rain or shine, your little adventurers will be dry as a duck (well, almost!).
  • Comfort Champions: Say goodbye to clunky clompers! These wellies are surprisingly lightweight and flexible, so little legs can hop, skip, and jump with ease. No more tired toes, just endless muddy mayhem!
  • Style Superstars: Forget boring boots! The Bathford Wellingtons come in a range of cool colours and patterns, so your mini fashionista can express their inner puddle warrior with every step.

So ditch the doom and gloom, and let the puddle-stomping adventures begin! With the Cotswold Bathford Wellingtons, every rainy day is a chance to make memories that'll last a lifetime.

Get ready for muddy masterpieces, giggling puddlesplashes, and adventures that only come with the pitter-patter of tiny feet in the biggest, cosiest wellies around.


Upper Material: Polyamide

Lining Material: Berber Fleece

Sole Material: PVC

Other Details

Colour: Black

Fastening: Zip

Waterproof: No

Group SKU: 200287


Width: Standard

Heel Height: 0.2 Inches

Q: Are these wellingtons bulky or heavy?

A: No, the Cotswold Bathford Wellingtons are surprisingly lightweight and flexible, thanks to the breathable textile upper. Your child won't feel weighed down, just warm and cosy.

Q: How high do they come up?

A: These wellies come up to mid-calf, providing plenty of coverage and warmth for even the deepest puddles.

Q: Are they easy to clean?

A: Absolutely! The smooth rubber galosh wipes clean easily with a damp cloth, and the textile upper can be spot cleaned or hand-washed.

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