Autumn Weather = New Wardrobe

Autumn Weather = New Wardrobe

As the colder weather moves in, my mind always goes to the change I need to make to my wardrobe - jumpers, slippers, wellies...

I'm a bit obsessed with winter boots, so I get quite excited when the weather starts to turn. I tend to have a selection of winter boots to choose from such as hidden wedges - ankle boots, riding boots, mid-calf boots or my trusty hiking boots. Pretty much every style is faux fur lined - there's nothing worse than cold toes, in my opinion!

Then I move onto the rest of the family. My other half always maintains he's fine in his Skechers trainers (or in the house nothing at all!) until the cold creeps in and he starts moseying around the house looking for something to cover his toes - luckily I've usually bought him some slippers and winter boots in advance hidden in his wardrobe. 

The kids act like its Christmas when we start looking for slippers and boots. I find, at least with my children, that they're extremely tactile like me, so fur lined and fluffy all the way. We usually end up with Paw Patrol slippers for our son and fluffy unicorn slippers for our daughter - as snuggly soft as possible.

What essentials do you add to your wardrobe in Autumn? A plush throw? A new rug beside the fire? Or are slippers and winter boots your first go-to purchases?


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