2020....the year of uncertainty, reflection and change

2020....the year of uncertainty, reflection and change

We're halfway through the year, and what a year it's been.

2020 has taken us all by surprise - every piece of normality, safety and certainty was turned on its head, from health to freedom, finance to education. It has been hard. Very hard. Personally and professionally.

We are a small family business - mum (Carole), daughters (Kirsty & Jemma), Kirstys fiance (Pete) and our lovely warehouse staff - Bailey and Michaela. Lockdown affected us all.

Sales dropped off a cliff mid-March, but within 2 weeks they were higher than pre-lockdown - at the same time staffing was reduced to just 2 members in the building at any time - a rota system implemented incase of infection - which was (unfortunately) needed at one point.

We have seen a dramatic shift in our customers buying habits. The demand for girls and boys Gola football boots, which are a huge staple for us throughout the year and across Europe, understandably ceased immediately. 

Sales increased exponentially for slippers to Christmas levels - even our novelty slippers have been a HUGE hit, so much so, we've had to place a new delivery for November incase we run out - this is looking more likely day-by-day.

Trainers were very slow until exercise was allowed and encouraged again, so our womens and mens Skechers have been flying off the shelves. 

Sandals have flown too, encouraged by the lovely weather over April and May. Our Rocket Dog sandals have been a firm favourite in your baskets.

Royal Mail, DPD, Amazon Logistics and Fedex have all been incredible throughout this difficult time. They have not once faultered, and adhered to all our social distancing measures when approaching or entering the buiding. We cannot thank them enough!

I hope you've all fared well throughout this crisis - that you're happy and healthy, and I hope the rest of 2020 continues to get better for everyone. We're all in this together.

Thank you to each and every customer that has supported us - you have all been incredible! Your orders and lovely messages have kept us going through this bewildering period, and for that we cannot ever thank you enough.

3rd Aug 2020 - Kirsty, Footwear Studio HQ

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