Our 10th Birthday!! Celebrate with us!

Our 10th Birthday!! Celebrate with us!

Published by Kirsty - Footwear Studio HQ on 12th Aug 2019

It's our 10th birthday! Yes, our 10th!!!

10 years in business.....

We've moved 5 times (5 backbreaking, gruelling times...) over the last decade. Increasing our warehouse size considerably each time - saying every single time: 'We're never moving again! We'll never fill this place.....' 

This thing is WE LOVE SHOES!! Love, love, LOVE shoes, so if there's space we're guaranteed to fill it! 

10 years ago, we started selling in my parents house. We filled the spare bedroom, the lounge, conservatory, hallways up and down, garage, utility, MY bedroom - when it got to the point where we were surrounded at the dining table as we ate, we decided (well my dad had had enough at this point, so he decided) that we needed our own space. 

It started with a self-storage unit and an office we built within (very cold! very dark! very lonely!) to 2 storage units, 3, 4, 5 units, then we moved to a 3,000 sqft warehouse in an old Co-op building (still very cold, high ceilings and strange shaped rooms)....2 further moves and fast forward to today.

Our current Office/Warehouse (based in the UK) is 6,500 sqft, but we have warehouses' in many countries around the world too: Germany, Spain, USA, Poland, Italy, France.....the list goes on!

Our family business has grown over the last decade from a mother-father-daughter team, to adding sisters, fiances, apprentices, staff that became friends, an office dog Ollie and a couple of babies in there too! We are a close-knit team with fun, love and laughter at the heart of what we do.

To anyone that's ever bought off us, or given us a like or share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - THANK YOU! Really, honestly, thank you! You have made this dream possible!

We are celebrating our 10th birthday by re-designing our website - www.footwearstudio.co.uk

We hope you like it! We really value your feedback so if you like what you see, there's something else you'd like to see, or something you want us to change then just send us a message.

To show our appreciation for all your support over the last 10 years, everything on the website is 10% off until 30th November.

Here's to another 10 years at Footwear Studio!